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RackNET "Opt Out" Options

Ziel Omizu 2 years ago in General Suggestions and Ideas updated 11 months ago 5

Because consent is THE biggest part of responsible BDSM, I feel it should be possible for custom characters uploaded to RackNet to "Opt Out" of certain fetishes / sexes / genders if they so choose.

EG: You want to upload your Character to RackNET, but you're grossed out by Watersports, and don't want your character to be used for such activities. You would be able to mark Watersports as a "Hard Limit", which would disable all Watersport activites from being enacted on your Character.

OR, say, your character is a strict Lesbian - mark Male/Man as a "Hard Limit", and no one with a Male/Man Scientist will be allowed to use your character AT ALL during a session.

TL;DR - Create strict protections for custom characters, should their owner want to enable them.


alternatively, don't upload your character to Rack.net and circumvent this altogether

Dev Response

In spite of the downvotes, this is something I support and intend to facilitate, with some caveats/limitations (preferences and opt-outs might not be applied in Free Play mode). Just be aware that because of how easy it is to bypass clientside limitations, it will almost certainly be possible for people to get around opt-outs by simply editing local XML files.

How about you do similar system: where the subject can't, in any way, come to climax because it disaprooves that fetish so much?

Well, volunteers can end sessions prematurely if they don't like them(at least they're supposed to be able to), I assume clients can do the same, only research subjects can't.

Thus, have "limited" Racknet characters only be able to show up as volunteers or clients, and an attempt to violate the imposed limits will just end the session.

An additional safety feature could be that "limited" Racknet characters aren't cached on disk, but only in RAM(with the character data being refetched from Racknet whenever the character appears again after the game was restarted)

Can still be bypassed, but would require more effort to extract the data(either a modded client or filtering out the character data from a memory dump).


If someone has released something for public use then why should they get to prevent uses they don't like. Once you've released something for use it's none of your business how it's used.