Pirate Talking Mode

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Possible phrases the player could say:

"Ahoy, ye pretty lass." (or matey)

"Me will make ye more wet than the seven seas!"

"Ye're more slippery than the barnacles I used to wash off me ships!"

"Yer so tight!"

"Me mast enjoys ye're warmth!"

"Me found mahself some booty!"

"Ye got yerself some nice booty!" (or pussy)

"Ready for a pillaging, lass?" (or matey)

"Shiver me timbers! Ye feel nice!" (idk maybe the player is getting boned or boning the subject)

"Yer more sweet than the salty briny deep."

"Yo ho ho!" (about to orgasm)

"Me about to explode like a cannon!"

Possible phrases the subject could say:

"Aye Captain." (instead of Master)

"Please be gentle, Cap'n." (instead of sir or ma'am)

"Sail yerself into me, Captain."

(If the player does something wrong or painful) "Ow! Ye scurvy shit!" or "Fuck off, ye scurvy dog!" or something

"Mah bunghole is awaiting for ye."

(most of the other phrases the subject could say would probably not be augmented by pirate speech)

Pirate clothes should also be in the game as well.

e621 anthro barefoot belt bracelet canine claws clothed clothing corset deyvarah digitigrade female fluffy fluffy_tail fox fur gun handgun headband hindpaw jewelry lingerie looking_at_viewer mammal melee_weapon orange_fur paws pirate pistol ranged_weapon rapier smile solo sword toe_claws weapon

e621 anthro barefoot clothed clothing cougar deyvarah digitigrade feline flintlock fully_clothed grass green_eyes gun handgun hindpaw kneeling male mammal musket paws pistol ranged_weapon simple_background solo weapon whiskers

e621 3_toes anthro avian bandanna beak bird brown_background brown_feathers brown_theme clothed clothing dagger eagle feathers golden_eagle holding_object holding_weapon looking_at_viewer male melee_weapon orange_eyes pants pirate raised_arm reshka shirt simple_background solo standing talons thief toes weapon

Related image

All of these garments look super dope.


I feel like, now that you've planted this image in my head, the game would be incomplete without this mode. I also feel like either us or the subject must have the ability to casually sip from a bottle of rum during sex if the player character wears an eye-patch..