Oil the damn sex machines!

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I'm coming in off of only having played Rack 1, so this may have been done already, but there's something I have to request relating to sound design in Rack 2.

Oil the sex machines.

The two sex machines in Rack 1, while visually excellent, are incredibly loud. Especially the dildo mount. While some mechanical noises are to be expected, and could even be considered necessary for immersion, the levels of sound produced are absurd, drowning out almost everything else and, frankly, are a major turn-off. Every time I use them, I have to mute the game sound completely in order to enjoy the scene, and I'm sure that the sound of crusty gears grinding against each other isn't irritating to me alone.

So please, for the love of all that is erotic, make the sex machine sfx in Rack 2 subtle. Or, at the very least, allow us to mute the machine sfx separately.

Thank you.

Agreed. So far, the only machine SFX during interactions in Rack 2 - outside interactions, the most significant thing is a retracting bridge which makes an absolutely beastly wall of noise when it moves, but it actually sounds slightly awesome - are extension/retraction noises if you mount a rack with a much larger or smaller character on it than yours, which isn't so bad. But it can also happen much more annoyingly if a character thrashes or thrusts hard in the rack while you're penetrating them; the rack will sort of bounce up and down to try and keep the subject's bits level with you, which makes a constant whirring noise. Much more regular and even more annoying, though, is the sudden buzzing "bloop" when you open or close the pleasure/statistics holograms next to a rack, and worst of all, the loud beeps when a subject orgasms. The sex noises are very quiet compared to the beeping, so if you turn volume up to make the sex sounds clearer, the beeping becomes wildly loud and painfully piercing. Would give anything for the option to mute those SFX separately.