Quick Menu / Teleport Menu

Fayne Aldan 2 years ago in General Suggestions and Ideas updated 2 years ago 3

A menu that can be pulled up to quickly teleport to important areas or access important features to allow a simpler experience. This menu would only be unlocked after completing the tutorial (or in free play) and would include access to the shower, client selection, and research screens, along with whatever else is needed, and have buttons to teleport to each client. This menu would likely be the default screen when pressing Esc.

It may ruin the overall feeling of the game because of not immersing oneself into that world.

It will feel more like a sex sim than a cohesive game.


but you'll still be able to walk around if you want to. players will have a choice. The idea actually came from Splatoon 2, which has the option of walking around the plaza or selecting the destination from the menu. However, I also suggested unlocking it after the tutorial so that players will at least gain some knowledge of the map before they can bypass it. If needed, this could also be obtained in the form of a purchasable teleporter item.


Okay I see what you mean.

Like a handy fast-travel thing.