Loincloth set

Nathan “Mewfii” Richardson 2 years ago in General Suggestions and Ideas updated 2 years ago 6

Basically for people who don't like Diapers but still wear something close to it without being a baby but more tribal


I'm a bit confused as to what the association between loincloths and diapers is here.

A loincloth that is similiar to a diaper? The only kind of loincloth I've ever seen jokingly compared to a diaper in looks would be a fundoshi - do you mean that per chance?

I'm actually trying to separate the two, this area is for people who don't favor diapers but want to wear something else like it...it may seem like I'm making the two sound the same in which case I fail, I'm not clumping the two together, I'm put them apart...

Fundoshi? Yes...but isn't that just for males?

Fundoshi yes but for both male and females


I like Fundoshi much better.

And there are a lot of tropes regarding anthros in tribal wear.

I know Fek is crazy about that shit too.

Tribal accessories like the armbands could pair with loincloths, but making them wearable and putting it to the side could add a new level of custom-ness to the game

fek has a fetish for tribal-ish stuff so im thinking this is very likely