Revise Rack 2's Color Scheme

EngorgedBanana 2 years ago in General Suggestions and Ideas updated 2 years ago 1

So there is a little bit of anonymity when it comes to underground sex research, and having a dark, neon-city type environment is an appropriate overall theme. But if this is science, then like most modern high-tech, high-class, well-funded color schemes, it will rather feature white and neon-colors, rather than a Las-Vegas night-life city environment. I know it's your game, and you might love the darker scheme a lot, but perhaps it might liven things up and feel like an actual laboratory if the game was more white? Of course, turning the lights off is definitely necessary when talking about sex. Making it optional to choose between the two schemes is a nice idea.

maybe simplify it to being able to set the rgba of the lighting?