Hologram room for emulate outdoor scenarios

Anonymous 2 years ago in General Suggestions and Ideas updated 2 years ago 3

What about a room or just the possibility to emulate area like beach, forest or desert for "scientific experiments ", naturally with themed gears


i'd be really into that, i'd also like if there were an underwater themed room with like ambient sounds cus water sounds are relaxing lol

you could also make like, a gross felshy room with heart pumping and growly sounds for people who are into all that vore/unbirthing stuff. it's not for me, but i know it's a popular kink

What exactly do you mean by themed gear? Are you thinking of reskins of already existing racks (like the table turned into a sunbed for the beach setting), or did you mean functionally new equipment pieces?


Something like the first thing you said, but will be cute even some "scenario exclusive" like "sacrificial Columns" in tribal-like scenario or public stocks for a medieval one etc