Changing forms on the fly

Oliver Pearce 2 years ago in General Suggestions and Ideas updated 1 year ago 2

Your character in Rack is basically a shapeshifter, but this seems to be from a gameplay point of view. That is, something necessitated by the game mechanics. But what if you actually want your character TO be a shapeshifter. I think a mechanic where you could change forms out of the shower would be super cool. Maybe you could make some alternate forms in the shower, save them, and then become them at will. Suddenly switching from fully female, to futa in the middle of the room!

i love the idea of this.
Going to a shower to change what you look like could be awesome.
I can't tell you how many times that I wanted my character to just change penis types, and instead of going to reselect or remake a character, you could switch between pre-saved and pre-made characters.

Maybe make the transformations themselves be a little stimulating, increasing arousal and maybe just making your character cum on the spot if their sensitivity is high enough.