Making a doppelganger of personalized text subject.

Anonymous 2 years ago in General Suggestions and Ideas updated 2 years ago 1

Instead of hoping for random generation of characters why not giving the option to make them ourselves?

You can already do this, Just not as simple as you are thinking. Just create a character, Upload it to RackNet. Then find it and save it to favorites and change your settings to make Favorite characters more frequent. It even saves the characters fetish preferences and orgasm duration/cum volume/strength. Create a new character on fre-play/god mode - or whatever its called to change its name then upload to racknet and delete the character if you want.
The only problem i have found is at the moment i cant find a way to un-save a favorite without going into the game files and deleting it.

I also think Fek already intends on adding a simpler version of this feature due to the unfinished "Volunteer as test subject" Dialogue line at the desk by the front door.

Hope this helps.
Ummmmmm Enjoy?