Short Term Affinity

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The idea is very simple, assuming characters have specific fetishes etc. I want to be able to satisfy characters / discomfort characters and see long-term effects on my actions. Like, if I were to give a girl everything she liked, when I come back she might say, "I was wondering when you'd be back." Or if I were to give her utter hell, she might say, "Oh, it's you again." You might have seen a similar idea on a much larger scale, but I figured this might be a good first step.


This is an excellent idea.

Should this be for favorited characters, so that they are able to come back, or perhaps Fek can do rotations on some of the characters that you selected. For example, there is a girl named "Alissa", and you selected her for participation as a test subject, she may be able to go back to Rack Laboratories as a Volunteer for a future round of experimentation. She may be hoping that another worker would be there to test with her if she had a bad experience with you, and then you enter and she would say "Oh shit not you again" as her anticipation diminishes. If she had a relatively good experience with you, she would be more excited and have more anticipation as she says "It is so nice to see you again".

If the second time with Alissa is not good, she will not come back and will not be a part of the rotation anymore. If the first time with her did not go over too well, but the second time was much better, she may volunteer again and go for a third time with you. If her first two experiences with you were pretty good instead, she may go for a third round. This line of going back to Rack Laboratories may enable you to pursue a romantic relationship with the test subject, available for both campaign and free modes. If you do not want to pursue a romantic relationship with her, you will have the option to do so, while keeping her in the rotation of test subjects you want to keep seeing. At the end of the round, before you let the test subject go, there is a "Send to Favorites" option you can click on, and there are other options that will become available from the third time. These options include:

-Thank you for coming here, but I have had enough. (Let her go from the rotation)

-Come again soon! (Keep her in the rotation every so often, but not pursue a romantic relationship, AKA fuck buddies)

-I would like to see you more than just here. (Pursue a romantic relationship)

I read other ideas from other people about a romantic relationship, and this idea is a way for both the player and the NPC to be come attracted to one another. It is about the individual being continuously interested in you to the point that they themselves will develop an affinity/infatuation for you and are more realistically willing to start dating you.

Perhaps if there is a strong romantic relationship, you can invite her as a "Love Subject" to let her participate as a special test subject with you (instead of Volunteer, Research Subject, or Client). Plus instead of blue, orange, or green symbols signifying what a test subject is there for, Fek could make a pink hexagon with a white heart in it as the symbol for this kind of special subject.

I am not sure if Fek should keep that short-term affinity with a test subject if you re-customized the player's character after a round with the test subject, though. Or maybe not idk.


I read through this post again: https://fek.userecho.com/communities/1/topics/757-affection-and-romance

I like the idea of being with the the NPC individual you have a romantic relationship before or after open hours, just the two of you alone. You can invite them to the test rooms in the lower level and have fun together, or you may invite them to your office to have sex on your desk or a bed in there, or shower together. It feels more intimate than them being a part of subject selection menu along with all the other test subjects.

As for the dialogue, the first three or so rounds can be fairly friendly and mutual, but I think there should be perhaps two more rounds where they become more significantly attracted to you (a developing crush) as the dialogue changes and becomes more intimate than before.

I also like the idea of the both the player and the NPC switching roles on the go without needing to go to a receptionist to session as a test subject.

As for the growing relationship, I like the idea that they can give you a gift, perhaps after the fifth round (clothes, accessories, sex toy, etc) as a means of affection, and that you can open up either in your office or at your apartment/house or wherever the player lives.

Afterwards, you can go on actual dates outside of Rack Laboratories. Maybe they want to go out to wine and dine, go shopping, dance, go to a strip club, go to a park, etc. This can be somewhat similar to dating in GTA games lol.

Aside from test subjects, you may also have the ability to ask a lab assistant or one of your coworkers if they would be interested on participating in a session with you.