Some new rack-type suggestions

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I had some ideas for alternate types or holding units for subjects, along with some concept art

Firstly is the gyroscope/ring type, that's realy common in sci-fi themed furry bondage pics

the idea is that the subject would be in a standing pose, giving you full acess to their whole body from the front and back at all times, the 0-G varient is just to be fancy

Next is kind of more of a joke suggestion, but some people might be into it

this floor bound/head down unit is based around having full access to your subject's ass and genitals in, as the name would suggest, a face down ass up position, like the song. i imagine it'd be favored for subjects with a submissive personality and farm animals

The third is the one i like the most and put the most thought into

this test-tube/vat model uses a one-way forcefield rather than glass, giving you full access to the subject, who is suspended free-floating in a breathable liquid with soporiphic qualities that puts them in a peaceful, docile state. i imagine that you wouldn't be able to directly touch the subject with your hands or fuck them, due to animation difference, but you'd still be able to use tools and toys on them, as well as terminals or devices that give any kind of direct access to the subjects nervous system

also the lights on all of them would be colorable with an interface for aesthetics, just cus it'd be kind of cool and sci-fi, you know?