Tweak - don't cum command

Anonymous 2 years ago in General Suggestions and Ideas updated by Kinky_Kyuubi 2 years ago 1

When a character is on the edge and you tell them not to cum they will currently say things like "Please don't stop" or "I think i'm gonna ! " but if they are trying to hold back shouldn't they be saying things more like "I can't hold it much longer" or "slow down"  and other things like that, or even as they lose control and cum apologies literally as they are doing it because they know they shouldn't

The buildup is good where they say things like "i'm trying" or "I don't know if i can" but at the moment it looks like when they hit the edge even the most submissive characters just stop listening to you and just have 4 responses that actually look like they are doing to opposite of what your commanding them to do.

Whether this is an intended feature or you are already aware and planning on updating it i don't know but i suppose that's what this forum is for.

Thanks for your time.