Individualized Orgasmic Tastes

Valhallen19s 2 years ago in General Suggestions and Ideas 0

much like how in real life there's people that like to finish in a specific manner, there could be the same thing for characters within Rack Furry Science.
some Taste ideas:

-Cum Inside: the name says it all. the character likes it most when their partner is cumming inside them at the moment of their orgasm. they can get offended if you cum outside or if you slip out and don't try to put it back in while you're still cumming.

-Cum Outside: the oposite of the Inside. the character dislikes being came inside and it won't hesitate to let you know about it.

-Stay Inside: The character does not care if you cum or not...but it does want you to stay inside as it is orgasming, and maybe even when not necesarily orgasming at all, and this is just to enjoy the feeling of closeness (maybe even a cuddle)

-Stay Outside: The character does not want to be penetrated at any given moment, and doing so could actually count as rape regarding the character being penetrated. the character will instead greatly appreciate it if you limited yourself to grinding

-Internal Grinding: the character likes it most if you're grinding inside it during and after orgasm.

-Internal Pressing: the character desires for you to keep pushing inside, thus pressing their vagina with your phallus. it differentiates from Stay inside on the sense that it requires you to constantly push forward and not letting go of the movement key.

-Deep Cumming: this one is similar to the internal pressing, except that its given window of oportunity is given while you're orgasming. if you keep pressing (specially effective with characters whose penis is long enought to reach the entrance of the cervix) and you get your phallus properly alligned, the character will be quite pleased and some extra money can even be expected to come in later on.