clones/genetic engineering

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ok so since this is all sci-fi themed, i had a really dope idea for a feature and a type of sub-mission to go along with it.

The idea is that you'd be able to collect sperm/DNA samples from subjects, that you can later use to clone them, and you can eventually upgrade the cloning station into a genetic engineering station, that you can use to build custom test subjects out of features that you unlock by getting more DNA samples from subjects.

And with that, would come a type a quest where super rich clients would ask for you to make custom ordered clones for them, where they would have to have a certain combination of features that you'd have to unlock. Like say, a client asking you to make a clone of "a certain famous person" and you task is to try to engineer a clone of certain popular furry characters, or patreon supporters' fursonas or whatever

PS: also add a button that makes me dab, even while banging


Unnecessary and a waste of time and effort.

This sounds really fun, and it could add a difficult way to make more cash.

Fuck dabbing tho. We need the ability to T-pose and just kinda clip through the subject while fucking.

Because nothing says "awesome" like fucking in a T-pose position...