Support modding?

Anonymous 2 years ago in General Suggestions and Ideas updated by Tolkne 2 years ago 4

It would be nice if users could mod in fetishes that haven't been added for a reason or the other.

Wow! Great idea!

So, it would be nice to open the possibility to modify the game to your liking. Anything. You can fetish, and you can clothes, like cowards and yes anal gags and then to sell to the store. =)

Thank you for attention.

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I'll be honest, I never expected to see the term "anal gags"... does such a thing even exist?

Forgot to mention that the mod store idea kind of reminds me of the UT marketplace, kinda off-topic I know but nonetheless something I thought would be worth mentioning...

No =)
New forms anal gags =) Because the game is the default anal plug. For example, you need to make new forms anal plug

Example (Bad Dragon):