Pranks: Involving your coworkers in the antics!

Anonymous 4 years ago in General Suggestions and Ideas updated 3 years ago 4

"One of your coworkers is wearing one of those 'auto-orgasm' things, and you've got the remote to it. Go figure out who it is." Or, "The custodian has been a jerk to you recently. Portal some vaginas to the showers and make a mess." Or, "Bring a subject to the edge without touching their junk, then portal their dick where a doorknob was for the next person that comes through." Trying to find the right cross-section of light-hearted and delightfully perverted pranks.


How about Fek programs a bathroom, and one of the "prank" options is to portal a cock to replace the toilet seat (possibly at just the right moment?).


I didn't expect to love this idea so much but yes, please. I think someone earlier suggested a "silly mode" option where stuff like this could potentially happen?


Consequently, we're the same person! Moo hoo ha ha.