Better likes/dislikes indications for subjects, or a chart for reference during testing

Anonymous 2 years ago in General Suggestions and Ideas updated 2 years ago 1

Having a long, sort of disorganized list of likes and dislikes which is only available during subject selection doesn't really work for me. I'd love to see icons instead of words, which are easier to recognize and remember quickly. And also, this is a lab/medical facility, why not have a patient chart to refer to attached to the rack for each subject during testing?


seconded, i cant remember shit by the time i have a research subject for several hours and asking their likes/dislikes is very unreliable

maybe a chart/clipboard/hud in the early progression that automatically lists their likes and dislikes as they tell you, a more advanced system detecting those likes/dislikes as they experience them as you progress further into the game? which would be pretty sweet to be honest