Better boob physics

Anonymous 2 years ago in General Suggestions and Ideas updated by Zabra 2 years ago 3

Boob swing and jiggle needs to be enhanced.  A big boobed character mounted in the stock rack should have her tits swinging all over the place when being fucked.


But not too much or it will look ridiculous, but there should be some titty jiggling and stuff. However the swinging may get too all over the place though. I think the boob-swinging should only up-and-down, and not water balloons swinging side-to-side.

Should there be a boobs physics option? Lol.


Good idea!

But I think he will still work on this problem if he finishes all the other animation sex poses. And then he will deal with physics boobs


As long as they aren't ending up as hentai-boobs. Because, even if this is a game about sex, that's just incredibly stupid and simply one way to show that the person who animated them has no idea how a woman's body works.. xD