Erotic Scene Creation: Because we're actors, but what we really want to do is direct.

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Up front, I recognize that executing this would be a huge undertaking. But maybe worth it!

Anyhow, the idea is to give the player the ability to make scenes to play out and watch movie-style, and share with others via RackNet.

The basic idea is to have an editable timeline that has simplified features. Each 'layer' on the timeline is an actor, and can either be a character or a camera. Each non-camera actor can only take basic actions each keyframe:

* Speak

* Move

* Interact with world object (get in a rack, start an Encounter with someone in a rack, open door, etc.)

* Interact with Subject (If it's on the action bar, you can do it)

* React in Rack (only used to override their normal reactions)

Cameras would be able to Move or Become Active Camera, and not much else.

In terms of interface, you'd just place events (keyframes) on the timeline for the actors and essentially play out your scene. Obviously, having something like this is fraught with complexities that aren't obvious on the surface, but it seems like a great way to involve interesting, creative gameplay. Could share scenes on RackNet, and could gate them behind the toys involved in the games -- as in, if you want to see a particular scene, you have to unlock all of the toys *used* in the scene. Could have a system of 'likes' and meta-tags to go along with scenes. Who knows; the sky's the limit!


Cool.... but, hard work. =)


True, as a concept it's good but it's also lots of extra work...