Sometimes you can't see the words in white font when customizing charaters

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At times when the player is customizing a character, you often cannot see what the words are because either the white walls of the showers camouflage the words to the point that they're illegible, or the glow in the showers are too strong to read the words. I often have to pivot the camera view towards the black wall opposite of where the showers are just to see what the words on the customization are.

Perhaps a white with a black border font will work.

Another thing is that sometimes you want to see the labia minora (or inner labia) when a character with a vagina spreads, but with the limitations of the camera - unable to view right under the character, it is difficult to know the size and color of the inner labia of the character's vagina.


Yes! Yes!

Add a special character editor outside the Rack 2 client.
To allow yourself to create a character in a more free space without restrictions. To give the opportunity to see from all sides, even the anus, the vagina and the penis, and so on.
And in the old version it is inconvenient and very poorly visible, all blurred due to the brightness background, and the texts merge against a background of brightness.
It would be better to allocate a special editor, similar to the Unity editor, where it's easier to see from all sides and change something. And then upload the finished character into the game!

Thanks for reading, I translated using Google