Persistent body fluids

DeltaFox 3 years ago in General Suggestions and Ideas 0

I'm sure that these things are likely planned for future updates, however I wanted to post this here just to be thourough. 

I would like to see body fluids be more persistent and impressive later in the development. 

Examples of this would be:

If your character ejaculates onto another characrer, the cum would stick to wherever it landed and only disappear after showering or being licked off. Maybe even drying over time. The spots where the cum stuck to a character could even drip slowly as an added affect. 

Also things like cum coming out of a character's nose during a deepthroat or rushing out of orifices after pulling out would do wonders for immersion.

Other fluids like sweat, saliva, female ejaculate, water from the shower, lube, and urine (if thats your thing), could all have similar affects and make the characters look wet. 

Perhaps a slider could adjust the quality of fluid physics to accommodate those with lower end computers.

I see a lot of potential fun to be had with body fluids in general in this game.