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Fek has already confirmed that cub will not be implemented in the game.


I can't possibly down vote this enough. Gus, you know that this is basically pedophilia..?

You want to fuck /children/...


oh look at you..someone whos not gonna fuck a "cub" but an anthopomorphic animal...



oh look at you, someone who's gonna ignore all the significant context and differences between the things he's comparing in his "effort" to try and prove a half-assed point.

Pedophilia is unacceptable, period.


Pedophilia is an unchosen orientation. Some people are and will be attracted towards children. It doesn't seem we will be able to change that anytime soon. So it is rather how to help people with pedophilia to live in a way that doesn't hurt children.


Ok, I'm gonna come across as an opinionated and cynical asshole, but I don't do "political correctness" and I kind of am a cynical asshole.

un-chosen orientation? Well shit, I didn't choose to be attracted to animals, but it's still my obligation to keep myself in check and not stick my dick in a real doggo. As for "living in a way that doesn't hurt children?" Simple, just control your urges, done.

I have two dogs in my home, and I've never done anything sexual to them nor do I ever plan to, you know why? Because my sense of morality and my self control is stronger than my sexual urges, and I have enough integrity to not hurt my loved ones just to get my rocks off.

You don't? Then find a way to deal with it, or get help, idfc.

It is ultimately your decision whether to do what's right, so I give no sympathy for people trying to give excuses to try and justify morally reprehensible acts. Its not our obligation to cater to your fetish, neither do I expect people to cater to MY fetish, neither do I want them to, because I know it's wrong.

well, that and the fact that sentience and being able to consent is where I draw my line to start from, so... no worries for me.

point is, its not gonna be in the game, and I'm never going to tolerate pedophilia.


Ok i'm playing devil's advocate, but if I use your logic, does that mean you're saying that furries want to fuck dogs?


some furries do, but I think its safe to say that furries in general don't want to fuck "dogs"; they want to fuck humanoids with animal attributes and features.

Personally, I don't find humans to be attractive, but I'd fuck a dragon or a werewolf in a heartbeat.


just make a petite character and use your imagination if you need this morally reprehensible fetish sated so badly.

Downvoted, because pedophilia isn't OK, even in the Furry realm.


The moralfag came to say that the cub is wrong and a lot of stupidities more delayed.

They are too hypocritical to understand it.


did you seriously have that much of a stick up your ass and are that petty that you'd make 20 alt accounts just to downvote me and upvote yourself? FFS, get a life.


Dude, this thread is almost 100 points down and you got 60 upvotes. 

Who is adding alternative accounts?


There is a pedo using a Tor browser to downvote those against him and upvoting his own stuff and im a random anon that decided to make things hard for him :^)


Are you also altering the score of the comments? 

Surely you are not UberSergal?


yeah i altered the score on the comments cause they put him at like -20 so i kept upvoting them to troll the pedo. And nah im not ubersergal.

And how many of those votes are legitimate?


Impossible to tell with all the fake upvote and downvote we threw at eachothers. Fek really needs to block anon accounts from voting because its honestly way too easy to fuck wiith the system lol

Ah i see he restarted doing it, so i guess its round 2 then! :^)

The funniest thing about all this is that whoever "wins" doesnt matter at all scince Fek said that cub just wont be in the game lol


What a mess. Anyway, why is it still discussed in this thread? 

 It is official that it will not be added.


agreed, its complete bullshit that anyone can sabotage this system so easily over a petty batch of butthurtery.


Ahen you were the lilfag who trolled my post. No wonder there were more than 100 downvotes at one stroke. Do not you have anything better to do? Asshole.


I was the "lilfag" who "trolled" your post, Pedolein. I was just not logged in. But this - you - are disgusting for wanting this. And you are one of the reasons for the Furry community to have a bad reputation. It's interesting that you are too afraid of posting your fetish under an actual name - just going anon. Why though? Because you realize that it's absolutely and utterly inhuman to rape a child? And yes, it /is/ rape - because a child CAN'T consent, no matter how ~mature~ they seem.


The only time I'd even consider tolerating this is if the "kid" was only child-like in appearance and was actually really old due to immortality or some other significant reason regarding their petite appearance, point being that they weren't actually a kid at all and were an able minded adult in every way other than appearance. I completely agree with what you said above, Zabra, children cannot consent, therefor pedophilia is rape.


I am actually attracted to children (boys specifically). I am aware of what sexual contacts with children can cause and therefore I don't seek such contacts. Still I get aroused by fantasies of sexual contacts with young boys, it is not something I chose, it is not something I can change. I don't see anything wrong with using fantasy-based pornography that isn't using any real children. Of course the question is how it influences people who use it but I think it is largely about how it is presented. I don't think the "child can't consent so it is rape" mantra is helpful.


like I suggested in my own comment, you can feel free to use the appearance sliders to fit the bill and let your imagination do the rest. I'm certainly not going to dictate what you do in the privacy of your own home.

What I will be against, is letting a specific setting that caters to this fetish be put into this game, as it can be a legal concern and is a gigantic turn off for people who don't have that...unique fetish.

You can very easily use the in-game sliders to achieve whatever fantasy your heart desires, I'm not against that.


Fool! With that stupid criterion of yours, the loli and the shota would be responsible for ruining the anime and the reality is another.

I don't know what country you are behind, but the age of consent in my country is 13 years. So go accuse others of rapist, imbecile.


using a completely unrelated subject from an unrelated source to try and back your position of this specific topic in this specific source and then insulting people doesn't make you look smart, it makes you look like a desperate asshole. This isn't about lolis or shota and it isn't about anime, this is about cub and a furry sex game, don't change the subject, pedo.

Your country is fucked up, 13 years is underage, barely hitting puberty by that point.

on average, the legal age of consent for the majority of the world is at least 16, and since this game is going to be available to multiple countries, the safest bet is to keep things within the higher tier legal age of consent at least 18 years old.


I don't pretend to look smart before you, retarded. And I do not give a fuck what you think.

It's cute that you once more downvoted those comments you don't like multiple times. xD

And that you still aren't brave enough to actually login tells a lot about who you are and shows enough about you and your fetish~ ^^


I do not have an account, idiot. Why would I want one?


True though; I wouldn't want to be recognized either if I were a pedo. C:


clearly you do, or else you wouldn't keep trying so hard

rage on, pedo fuckbucket


its already confirmed that its not gonna be in the game, get over it and stop acting like the things you want to stick your dick into.


you fucking kidding me? you're so butthurt over this that you went and alt account mass downvoted my suggestions over this? Go fuck yourself sideways pedo.


What? Do not cub!

The game has an editor, you can correct the growth of the character. I can and so easily do this cub. And that's all!

Thanks for reading. Translated via Google

I reiterate, fuck yourself sideways pedo.

Stop throwing a temper tantrum and downvoting other people's suggestions because you're too butthurt over your fucked up fetish being denied and fucking get over it.

WTF happened to this comment section?

By the way, pedophile fucktard, no sane person who is interested in this masterpiece of a game would ever want the furry version of kiddie poon as a part of the game. Fek said no, he may get sued or the game development may be permanently  halted if he does, and you can always use the customization to make small characters to screw, fucking screwball.

Nobody wants this ever, nobody gives a shit about this or your filthy fetish, and this is the last message I will give since this stuff will never be in the game.

Thank the lord that Fek has standards.


the butthurt pedo fuckwad used a tor browser to mass downvote people and even went to downvote their suggestions in retaliation. A good samaritan went and countered the pedo using their own tor browser to skew things back in a sane direction.


You turned out to be a mentally retarded hypocrite.


keep crying, pedo


Man, this must really twist the pedo's nuts if they can't stop messing with the votes. xD


Why did not you stop sabotaging my suggestion to really see what users are saying? Moron.


says the fucktard who screwed with MY suggestions despite me not having anything to do with your tor browser bullshit. Pot, meet kettle.


See how annoying it is?


Why do not they stop sabotaging me and letting everything happen?


so you're going to throw a hissy fit like a bitch and fuck with someone elses suggestions? That justifies it? No, you're in the wrong here fuckface. Do the universe a favor and eat a bullet.


I was going to leave you alone, but I retract now.


and so you start attacking the wrong guy again

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agreed, he's so butthurt its actually funny


Are you going to say something interesting or will you just do the arrogance?







[Autistic Screeching]




I mean *triggered.





Sure, if a mogolico does not stop using Tor to give me downvotes. Asshole


maybe its just me but..... i feal like the worst part of it was that wether you like it, or hate it, we are all aware of what it is, but yet he still felt the need to post pictures of it?