Nipple sliders and toggles for additonal options

Anonymous 2 years ago in General Suggestions and Ideas updated 2 years ago 1

so the couple things i see missing from the current nipple options are:

    wider areolas - (slider) no option to change this as of yet

    puffy nipples - (slider) for the areola to protrude like a bubble from the breast

    inverted nipples - (slider? toggle) for the nipple itself to be folded over inside of the areola, maybe                            with a mechanic to pop out ounce stimulated?

    nipple length - (slider) for how far the nipple sticks out from the breast and with a slider for how                               thick the nipple would be as well.

I'm a lactation fetishist and nipples are my thing. to be able to give a character udders or to emulate the teats of a cow is part of what i'm suggesting