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an option for a genital "slit" that the penis will slide out of when erect, as often seen on reptile/dragon, bird, and sea-creature characters

Can be penetrated like a vagina

it'd probably be hard to implement, but i think it'd a cool touch to add some "physics" options, where if the penis is particularly small, it can still be penetrated while erect, or if the penis is too big it won't fully retract back into the slit while flaccid


This is in the game, but it's kind of akward. The penis doesn't really "slide" out. It more like "flips" out. Normally with slits and cloaca's, the penis usually extends parallel to the stomach towards the chest, like it's trying to point to the sky. Crocodile's penis's are always erect, they just slide in and out of the cloaca. In this game, it's kind of puffy, like a Vagina that has a penis droop out of it, pointing down and extending forward the more erect it gets. It stands mostly perpendicular to the ground at full mast and has a slight upwards or downwards angle (depending on how you adjust the curve). It looks decent when erect, but the animation and the way it retracts back into the slit is a little jarring.