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okay, so i have been thinking about this idea for a while. normally i don't write things like this due to my dyslexia but i think this idea could be quite good.

i have notice a problem whit sex games i general it is quite hard to "get it on" as you usually need both hands controlling the game. so i thought what would be the best and most "realistic" way to solve this in a game like rack and i think i may have solved it. the normal game play is that your character dose the experiment on the subject but what if there where a "view mode" a mode where someone

else did the experiment on you. this is basically the short explanation of my idea. i have allot more ideas to improve this consent but it is not necessary to continue reading if you don't want to. and please tell me if there is something you don't understand or what to know more about. have a nice day!

this is just an more detailed explanation of my idea like how it could look and work but i am not the one making this game so none of thees ideas are sett in stone obviously. it is just to get a better feel how it could work in concept.

you start the game just as normal there is not a new mode in the start menu or anything. you can play the game making your character, building your lab, testing subjects unlocking things just as normal. then when you feel like you want to be the subject for a while and use "view mode" you move your Dr-character to some place perhaps a desk or a bed. your Dr-character will take a short brake form work. you will no longer control him/her/it for a while. the camera now moves to a new room called lobby.

if you use your imagination you would think that all test subject would start here even if you normally would not see it.

the lobby would look mostly like the waiting room in the hospital whit some benches and a reception desk. here you will see some random generated characters that you can choose from there will also be an option to create your own of corse. when you are done the camera move towards the reception desk. on the desk there is an paper whit allot of options (presumably this would look like a doctors poll paper) on this paper you will choose what you would like to experience. like toy play or whipping just to name a few. though here comes a problem as there is no way to really experience the feeling some thing are going to be useless like blindfold or gag for example. (if only we had real virtual gaming)

once your done you sing the paper this would be neat if instead of an autograph you would dip your paw/hoof/fin or whatever you limb might be in ink and pres it on the paper. i have not really bean able to figure out the next part. but your lab-character would wake up stuck in the machine whit an NPC character in front of you of corse this could be your Dr-character doing the experiment but that is something i personally would not like but it is individual. (perhaps it could be an option on the paper to choose gender and or character of the NPC doing the experiment) here would obviously be the hardest part to make for fek as the NPC would need to do the tings you choose in an realistic and hopefully random way/order.

once the experiment is done your lab-character will pass out in the machine and your Dr-character will wake up for you to control again.

sorry for the extremely long text and my dyslexia hope you like the idea anyway cant wait till rack is done it is going to be amazing.

have a nice day!


so, basically, you want the option that's already planned to be in the game (volunteering as a test subject instead of being the doctor) except you want the player to have the option to swap out of their doctor character (having them go off and do their own thing) and take up the role as a random volunteer separate from their doctor character?

am I understanding this right?

that's actually an interesting idea, having your doctor character be a separate entity that goes around doing things while the player goes in as a separate character to be a volunteer subject. You've got my upvote.


i did actually not know that an volunteering option already was planed, but yes that's exactly what i mean and thank you for the vote