Anal puffiness slider, and more extensive orgasm contractions

Puck (Puck.Swiftpaw) 3 years ago in General Suggestions and Ideas updated 2 years ago 4

Currently, female genitalia have a range slider for labia puffiness characteristics, and they twitch very visibly during orgasm. Why not extend this to the backdoor: Make the tailhole spasm during climax the same way, and add a range slider to the character customizer, where left/right is width and up/down is puffiness. For example, bottom-left would result in the current "small-innie" appearance, top-right would result in a "large outie". Likely not too large, something along the lines of an equine's donut, enough to look down and see it puckering out around a penetrator. While we're at it, why not make balls twitch during climax too?


A visible butt clench would be nice

Some people just got to have their ponuts.

And they should be able to have them, agreed? 'Specially since, with sliders and options, it'd come at no expense to those without taste for donuts, that prefer the current subtle backdoors. ♥


I agree. This would be a very nice addition. ^.^