Clients rating your lab (visual suggestion)

Anonymous 3 years ago in General Suggestions and Ideas updated 3 years ago 1

If the client history will be implemented someday then how about using the console (whic we use for log in to RackNet) for displaying the clients rating and impressions/suggestions.

Here, i come up with simple example:

The idea is to give player guidelines for improving their lab. First sentence can be client's impressions, second can be their suggestions if they weren't completely satisfied. Maybe even break up the ratings into three existing test subjects categories.


I think maybe add a little heart mark to the "review" for indicating which "review" was left by your favorite test subject, so it would be easier for player to acknowledge what they can do to satisfy their favorite next time. 

Of course overall this feature is meant for the late development stages but, yeah, i kinda like the idea of review page.