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you wouldnt even need to toggle it. There are so many nice ideas and people are fairly different with kinks. You would have categories in the "shop system" of the game and if you don't like a category, you don't choose it. EZ ;) 

I don't think so. You are degrading yourself nothing more.

I guess as soon as the feature is implemented to BE a test subject everything would be set up to have an AI that pleasures you or another test subject. Great idea, I would love some help and also watch my lab partner on a test subject!

Woah that would be nice. Like mind goes blank with hypnotic lights or a chemical maybe poppers-like. Drooling, body twitching, eyes roll back. In case of orgasm unusually strong or long. Fuck that'd be hot :) 

I hope this will be implemented. Would be very hot! I think about several things create in the game to sound penises with. Prostate stimulation with urethra play... omg that would be awesome!