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Or what about a full on sprinkler system that drenches everyone in the room for a minute or two. This could be an item you can add to the room as something you buy. Also, when the fur gets wet, give it that wet look. Then as you continue the session, the fur will dry again.

Could be used with the chemical injection gun? To many injections of Temptrousenol, Sensexa, or Compliavol could cause effects of slurred speech. Or how about just injecting alcohol, (not recommended IRL). Also doing this could have the effect of gradually taking effect. The more injections you give the quicker the effect. The more drunk they become, the more aggressive you can be, because it would take more to get them off. And lets not forget about the hangover afterwards. This could cause the subject to lose interest in wanting sex for a bit while he/she has a hangover. The remedy could be aspirin or something that would also get them back in the mood.

I've heard of some of these devices but they usually go with some form of premade video and usually have proprietary software to interface Though this does sound interesting, could you give examples of these devices?