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have Cynder in Racknet

Crap... my error!

Fix text:

I think it is better to make such a special shop, where you can buy goods or chemicals for a specific amount?

Update image:

But there is other herm
For example, here on the drawing

1. Herm no have testicles. Have vagina and penis

2. Herm have testicles (have all)

3. Only dickgirl, have testicles and penis, no vag

And in Rack 2 only herm no have testicles.

But, in Rack 2 it is possible to edit character, particularly there 2 types are present - herm no have testicles and dickgirl. And here now in Rack 2 - no herm have testicles.

For example? Add an image with an example. Please

No =)
New forms anal gags =) Because the game is the default anal plug. For example, you need to make new forms anal plug

Example (Bad Dragon):

Wow! Great idea!

So, it would be nice to open the possibility to modify the game to your liking. Anything. You can fetish, and you can clothes, like cowards and yes anal gags and then to sell to the store. =)

Thank you for attention.

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Maaany text! =)

But... good idea! I'm so tired of reading =3

Good idea!

But I think he will still work on this problem if he finishes all the other animation sex poses. And then he will deal with physics boobs