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Never said it shouldn't be given priority. Also the vision of the game
could slightly change during development. This often happens with games
and not always for the worst. Take Devil May Cry for example, a game
that was originally meant to be Resident Evil 4 but the development
ended up straying way too far from the original vision giving us one of
the best action series and an entirely new genre of game - the spectacle

All sorts of things!

Ohhhh alright I never bothered with Racknet haha thanks.

If you can remember how you did it please tell me xD

Fek did talk about implementing a multiplayer feature, although I'm sure he meant submitting yourself as a test subject and "invade" other people's games, kind of how it works in dark souls.

then for the love of god please tell me how to do it lol

Not only that but any sculpture made with blender, sculptris or z brush that can be attached to an animation skeleton.