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I'll upvote. Personally though, I'm not so hot about the idea of MP, as I am about semi-intelligent "bots" that could run around, follow you, or you could leave on a subject with some simple commands, like stroke a subject and get their anticipation up, make them cum to harvest specimen from them, try from a list of toys, checking off what does and doesn't make them cum, that kind of thing.

Sybians will always get a +1 from me~

IIRC Fek had said there was a way to import hairstyles waaaay back in the *early* alpha, back when it was just the char editor and a room...if that's still in, then we can make our own soon, hopefully! But I agree. Hair needs to be in and have *loads* of variety.

As a corollary (I like that word :P) to this--would it be anywhere within the realm of possibility to have, like, um...freeroam tickling? If that makes any sense? Like, say, instead of tickle "hotspots" like the feet and armpits, you could just switch to a feather or "tease mode" and tickle anywhere, with the character reacting differently depending on where you touched. Or is that an IK/programming nightmare?

Definitely! How about this + sticky interaction mode just hides the UI for a more, erm, "cinematic" experience?

AFAIK the "F" mode gives you an "orbit-cam", and a truly ridiculous amount of zoom. That's pretty close thus far.

I like it--could expand to bodypaint~