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10: Subject transcripts. Not entirely serious, but I was thinking of the transcripts being typed up in the film "Brazil", which were all "AHHH, OH GOD, NO, DON'T, WHAT IS THAT YOU'RE PUTTING ON MY HEAD".

If the male model Kangaroo could be made to look like Booga from the Tank Girl comics... with the real Kangaroo's two-pronged penis (I am not kidding, look it up)..

So it'd be a cylindrical form with a conical head? no arms or legs? I'm not sure if the basic model would extend to that, unless the torso was made longer, the legs very short and the arms nonexistent.

Something a little like the Tentacles from Dungeon Keeper 1 (four tentacles with a fifth poking up where the torso would be), except bipedal - two tentacles for legs, two for arms and one for a head, joined in the manner of a starfish.

Oh, god, I just described Patrick from Spongebob.

How about a temporal displacement device that lets you fuck yourself from five minutes into the future? If you don't finish before then, you get caught in a kind of temporal loop where you're doing it with yourself in five minutes' time, who is doing it with yourself from ten minute's time. That could get really messy.

It could also be used on females and Cboys to sufflate the labia and clitoris, which increases sensitivity, although that might end up being a separate thing.