Ability to have external balls with slit at the same time in the character creator

TheJoyfulDragon 3 years ago in General Suggestions and Ideas updated 3 years ago 11

Pretty much that, there's no way in the current version of the game to have external balls and a slit at the same time.

Herm style (add balls)?


no, lizard penis slit

For example? Add an image with an example. Please

Perhaps they could be attached to the base of the penis model and enlarge/drop (similar to how the knot expands) as the character is more aroused? IDK

Just to the slit

or just below the slit too


doesn't that kind of defeat the purpose of having a slit though? besides it'd just look stupid having dangling balls and no cock


No not really, Ultimately we're talking fantasy creatures here. The purpose is preference and you have enough people here that want it. Maybe it'd look stupid to you, but again, if enough want it, then it doesn't really matter


Also consider that some antasy characters have balls that bule out to become external when horny