storyline / things to do besides "work"

TheJoyfulDragon 3 years ago in General Suggestions and Ideas updated by Kinky_Kyuubi 3 years ago 3

I know this is a big one but here we go..

Would be awesome if there could be other things to do in the game besides working at the facility. Perhaps have your own flat you can travel to after / before work, sleep, go to a bar and pick people up etc. perhaps even including some multiplayer features with that.

This would SIGNIFICANTLY alter the game and ultimately depends on the developer's vision whether or not to implement but I find it worthy of suggestion :)

Perhaps an overarching light storyline of sorts would be awesome as well.

this would definitely be something interesting to be put into the game, but IDK about functioning multiplayer.

still, I upvote this


Fek did talk about implementing a multiplayer feature, although I'm sure he meant submitting yourself as a test subject and "invade" other people's games, kind of how it works in dark souls.


either way, I can get behind it (giggity)