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Can you make it so we can give a human character things like select animal heads and tails?


>Animal heads

That would just be a "skin-tone" anthro

>Animal tails

Yeah. This stuff is all in the game right now. In fact, you can make human characters right now. They just look pretty sketchy/Uncanny-Valley-ish. The only thing you *can't* do right now with humans is make nekos/mimis. So no cat-girls yet.


Would it? They might mean something more like Anubis or a Minotaur, which would be good.


Could you make regular human characters?


Will humans have the option for animal ears of and noses?


Come back two months later to look at this and realise I put head instead of ears... :l


I'm really surprised people are downvoting this. If fek manages to make humans look good, then all win. If he doesn't, he just won't add them into the final release, as per F.A.Q. What's the reason to actively tell the dev to not even try to include humans into the game if you can tune out any species you want in the preferences anyway? 


I love the whole sci fi experimental test subject laboratory theme of the game, but I'm not at all into the animals thing at all. Its totally cool that people enjoy that, but it does limit the appeal of the game for people who prefer humans. If humans are in the game, look good and can be used exclusively without penalty, then I'd be 100% behind it. If that happens, there's a new backer here... but otherwise I'm afraid its too niche for me