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I like it!~


I mean...among the many species that exist out there on this world...this one has the particularity.....the uniqueness....that its females have such genitalia (their famed Pseudopenis). to think they mate throught there...(I mean...in a game such as this, that genital would have the advantage of both allowing penetration sex with other females...or, to allow sex with the Female Hyena if the male's got a dong small enought to fit in there when the female folds back its clit for the penetration to be easier to perform)



Assuming this is supposed to be the spotted hyena (Crocuta crocuta), assuming all the dirty details can be implemented... oh yes, please.

Otherwise probably not worth it.

For those of you that are interested, there already exists a humanoid hyena called the Gnoll. It is a common creature in D&D.

From Wiki:

"Gnolls greatly resemble humanoid hyenas. They are usually between seven and eight feet tall, weighing around 250 to 320 pounds... ...Their whole bodies are covered in reddish-brown fur which becomes shorter as it surrounds their faces and clawed hands to reveal grey colored skin. Their pelts vary from mono-colored to spotted and their eyes are either yellow or black."

And the Flind...

"A flind is shorter, broader, and stronger than other gnolls, flinds are often found leading a tribe or settlement of gnolls."

Actually, never mind. They seem huge for humanoids. I'm adding this as another specie.