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A particularly untapped fetish of mine is having ghostly disembodied hands fondling and molesting some helpless individual. I'm thinking maybe have a little wooden totem of sorts that you can fiddle with and summon ghostly hands to molest your target client (or you).

it could work on the possible mechanics of unwilling, unwanted stimulation (ghost rape anyone?) or have passive arousal and pleasure effects from the gentle caressing and fondling that the hands would do. Maybe have a penile varient where a ghostly dick appears and has its way with the subject while the hands freely molest away. It'd have obvious player controls of course, but I'm thinking maybe you could have a pre-set customizable set of actions that the hands would perform, maybe have the player character use the totem on themselves to set up the fondling animations and such in the background while you work with the phallus, etc, or vice versa.

It would be neat side mechanic to have a negative (depending on your perspective) effect from using it too much that makes it backfire and has the ghosts start molesting and stimulating you instead when you next tried to use it, hampering your ability to do things because of the fun stuff the ghosties are doing to you. Lots of phantom molestation making you cream your pants, with potential for humiliation from the awkward faces and sounds you'd be making from the constant stimulation the naughty ghosties would be doing to you, as well as the embarassment of having jizzed in your pants a few times. Best part? No one else sees them except for the person using the totem and the target of the totem.

I know this may be a bit too complicated to implement, but I figured I'd at least put the idea out there and see if it could be a possibility or not. If not ghosts, then maybe something with similar mechanics as I described above, or some of the above mentioned mechanics under their own things


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