Ball-Punching Cum Milking Machine

JonTheCaptive 3 years ago in Fetishes and Sex Toys updated by Optional 4 months ago 2

The idea is based on the machine in this cartoon: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=isbzfRh4za8&t=4m11s

It works the exact same way, except it pumps out a guy's cum by
non-painfully (or painfully if you prefer) pounding on his underwear
bulge. The milkee's balls/bulge are grown/inflated via a serum, which
also works as an anesthetic to negate pain, allowing the milkee to feel
only pleasure from stimulation to the balls bulge. He's then strapped
down tightly to a table and gagged via whatever gag the milker prefers.
The pounding apparatus then pumps out the milkee's cum through forced
orgasms, deflating his balls/bulge back to its original size as it
drains him(it can even pump his cum out through the fabric of his undies
if desired). The milker can do as he wishes to the milkee while he's
being milked, such as teabagging him, face-sitting, talk dirty to him,
lick him, tickle him, play with his nipples, and so on and so forth. It
can be consensual, or non-con, you probably get the jist of it.

Bumbping this because I want it

I like the example you gave lmao