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I'm thinking a few tools, each used to "inflate" the subject in a way... 

1) Rubber Synthesizer: A chemical to inject the subject with in order to inflate

2) Pump: Just a basic bike pump, slow to inflate

3) Motor Pump: A faster and automatic pump. Set an inflate rate

4) Cum Stimulizer: A chemical you inject yourself with, allowing you to produce enough cum to inflate a subject affected by the Rubber Synthesiser

5) Water Bottle: A basic think to inflate the subject with water...

 That's all I can think of at the moment... Trying to keep the ideas realistic twords the game, requiring science stuff and such. Oh, and perhaps the ability or option to inflate specific body parts, such as the breasts, or cock, or feet, etc etc, or the entire body together, rather then only a select few parts or whole body only.


this sounds like an awesome idea, maybe even add a second opening to the pumps where it creates a vacuum.


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6) Water pump, or just a normal aquarium pump to inflate the subjects with water

just a thought


I'd actually drop Gs for actual non-cum-centric inflation, TBH.

I hear there's plans for that at some point, but honestly I'm surprised some of that isn't already in, since the current cumflation system is pretty braindead coding-wise. Air inflation itself would just be removing the cum leak effect and DONE.

Though if air inflated bellies jiggle, I'll be up in arms about it.


Man, if the game adds this stuff, I'll totally forgive all of Fek's delays and endless convention trips.


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