Feet Fermentation

Anonymous 3 years ago in Fetishes and Sex Toys updated 2 years ago 4

Hey I really like this game, but I'm really confused on how you haven't added some sort of feature that could determine how smelly a character's feet are. Smelly feet are an untapped market and it wouldn't even be that hard to coding in. Adding stink lines would be enough, but if you were to add something that could measure the stink, perhaps an odor-ometer, that would be amazing! As the meter goes up, characters would comment and even physically express disgust at how ripe the feet are, eventually vomiting. 

Also being able to put your dick between each indifitual toe would be great :)


wow, I can't believe that 34 down-voted this idea...

I think this would be a GREAT option, but of course keep it an option for those that dont like such things