Time travel machine.

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All right here me out on this one. This would be a very late game item that would allow you to put subjects in to "travel time" (whether its just a mind perspective thing or the real deal is up to fek). For example if you want to have an extreme edging session you put the subject in the machine set how many minutes, hours, days, or even weeks you want them to "experience." 5-8 minutes later you come back to the machine and find a subject that would be very exhausted from edging.

I think this would allow some fun interactions with the dialogue system and to even use it as a punishment tool


Like a cookie from Black Mirror? Dear research subject, you refuse to submit, so here's your half a year of edging/denial?

Yes please. 

Just make sure that racks and such provide all the necessary nutrients to keep subjects alive during their sessions regardless of time. And maybe set some limitation on how much time the laboratory equipment allows to skip? Otherwise absence of aging and death can become a factor ruining suspension of disbelief. Unless there is also an elexir of eternal youth pumped along with the rest of nutrients, but something like that seems a bit beyond the scope of what a sex lab can do.

Maybe make possession of such an elixir a necessary condition to use the time machine, and make it extremely expensive and unsynthesizable in the lab itself (i.e. make it a purchaseable import). Inject something to nullify the effect as the session ends.

Apologies for the wordbarf.

sounds interesting, but know that this will definetly make someone absolutly batshit crazy, on the other hand, just thinking about that kind of orgasm and mess at the end of that turns my legs into jelly