hyper balls/breasts /udder and preg bely live or with eggs :D crush seat but immobile :D(or it just gets removed lol)

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If you grow your persons balls/breasts/udder so much (and item that lets you increase production of cum/milk) they will break the chair. but will still not be able to move there hands or feet since they are strapped so you have hyper goodness :D they need some milking and some fucking in order to re leave that presser :D they would then be supper sensitive :D (maybe sell the contents to make money :D) also this would be same if hyper pregnant with live or eggs they look ready to burst... but they wont they just look like it and they grow if not birthed :D

This would be nice


Go on... in English, please.


well... Not so much agreed with the eggs bit, but that's just me. The hyper goodness however... I really want to see :D

I like the ideas a lot