Heat, or similar?

Fusionfall 3 years ago in Fetishes and Sex Toys updated 3 years ago 3

Something like animal heat, or drugs to simulate or something like that. lower refractory periods, involuntary arousal, increased sensetivity, stuff like that?


I'm honestly surprised Heat/Estrus isn't already in the game, considering how common of a fetish it is among furries. Maybe we could also include a mechanic where if your player character is affected by being in heat, they may autonomously start doing things you didn't tell them to do? Nothing huge, just a randomized action related to say, their three biggest fetishes. I.e your PC may walk over to a subject and start riding them without you telling them to.

If that's too hard to code, maybe simply increase the rewards for indulging said biggest fetishes while in heat.


Yes, this should be in.


Seconding (...fourthing?) that. Additional points for adding genital blushing.