cum circulation

Anonymous 3 years ago in Fetishes and Sex Toys updated 2 months ago 10

The idea of feeding a subject their own cum every time they orgasm, such as a milker with a tube connected to a gag in the mouth of a subject.


make them shit it out too 

that's pretty fuckin disgusting, not gonna lie.

Scat's not gonna be in the game.


Well have options to rule that out so its either cum or piss...


alternatively, leave digestion and excrement out of it altogether


I think Fek made it clear that neither scat or piss is ever gonna be in the game


I'm with you. Excrement is a gigantic turnoff for most folks.

could have been more polite about it though.

heh, nice. An upvote for you.


cum eating and piss are ok with me

plz no scat


or maybe feeding into another subject or yourself, or not only the mouth but also pussy and ass

Recycling is good