Changing lactated milk to your liking

Anonymous 3 years ago in Fetishes and Sex Toys updated 3 years ago 2

I mean like in Fenoxo's TITS. Being able to make a subject/pc lactate chocolate milk, honey, and stuff like that. Substances which aren't normally produced in breasts. And being able to fine tune how sweet, or thick it is.

Could possibly have the subjects work in the foyer or outside as vendors for whatever their breasts produce to promote the lab and generate a bit of profit. Really like the idea of altering the thickness of the fluid though, breasts/udders producing substances so thick that they're unable to be manually milked but need to be milked by a machine or else they inflate under the pressure of their own produce. Would be nice to have the lactates thickness linked to the jiggle physics of the breasts/udder as well to give a visual of how thick it really is.

Yes! I hadn't hought about selling it. Good idea. And I'm sure some people would enjoy making it runny, thick, and everything in between. Plus (a certain level of) extra bouncing could definitely be a nice visual. Glad to meet another fan of this idea. :)