Dick/pussy cum to orifice.

Lucario_Lover 4 years ago in Fetishes and Sex Toys updated 4 years ago 2

I think it would be an interesting idea if you could attach hose pump to a subjects genitals and feed what is released during orgasm to themselves or to another subject. The hose would be translucent so that you could see the cum pump through and into a subjects mouth, ass or vagina. The subject receiving the love juice would, if Fek does add inflation, inflate the more cum is inserted into them. If a subject already has come inside them, say in their ass, then you could put the pump on the ass and it would suck the cum out and it would travel to whichever orifice of whichever subject you choose. Splitters would also be apart of this, as they would take what ever is traveling through the tube at the moment, and then it would literally split the cum and be able to deliver it to several subjects/orifices at the same time. With this tube, you could also change the color, consistency, opacity, and glow effects of the cum inside the tube, which would allow you to make it look like, maybe a gel of some color or mix of colors(I would make it look like a dark transparent blue that glows slightly green).

Tell me what you think of this idea below, and whoever is going around telling everyone that their ideas are "200% disgusting", stop being a negative Nelly and keep your opinions to yourself.


Rack 1 did have a Milker Tool that decided from the ceiling. How would you use that in Rack 2? Would you at look it with the camera and press the use button?

What do you call the opposing end of the milker? The faucet? The Fountain? The Depositor?


I was thinking that you would take the receiving end of the pump, which I will call "Pump IN", and select an orifice/penis, then you would take one, as you can use a "Pump SPLITTER" to attach the hose to several holes/subjects, of the ends of the pump, which I well call "Pump OUT", and select which orifice/subject you want to attach it to. To select a pump, they would hang freely, and would have a collapsible list at the top of the player's HUD. The Different ends of the pumps would be in this list and would be separated and in chronological order. After opening the list, you could select one of the ends of the pumps, which would then cause which ever hanging pump that is related to what you selected to glow, after that, if you put your mouse over the glowing pump, it would then attach itself to your mouse until you select a subject and the orifice you want.