Quantum Fuck Suit (special game mode)

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The Quantum Fuck Suit allows the wearer to disembody his or herself, and then interact with multiple subjects without the constraints of needing to reach or the proper positioning one's body.

In terms of gameplay, the quantum fuck suit would allow you to assign your body parts to the hotspots of your subjects. Want to fuck one subject while fingering another subject who is located across the room? The Quantum Fuck Suit would allow you to do that! Want to be flexible enough fuck the pussy while licking its clit? With the the Quantum Fuck Suit, you don't need to be flexible at all! Just point your penis at the pussy and your mouth at the clit!

Want to fuck several different orifices with the same dick at the same time? You'll need the Deluxe Quantum Fuck Suit for that, can't be given everything at once.

It term of visuals, every body part you put on a hotspot would be attached to a phantom body, which is what you get when you zoom in too close. That is, assuming that you don't turn quantum phantom bodies off in settings. Otherwise it would just be a bunch of heads, hands and naughty bits flying around, which are attached to nothing but quantum sparkles.

As for controingl all this: You would click on a subject's hotspot with selected body part/tool > This would put a corresponding button on the HUD > Clicking this button would allow you to record a desired action you wanted to repeated on a subject's hotspot.

Each button would also come with a slider, that decides how much fidelity each loop the recorded action will have.

  • 100% fidelity would mean that each loop would be exactly what you recorded with your mouse.
  • 80% would add deviance, and each loop would only aim to recreate 80 percent fidelity of what your recorded mouse moment.
  • 0% would be complete coo-coo crazy bananers, and only the duration of your recorded mouse movement would be honored.

You can cancel a Quantum interaction by right clicking its HUD button, or dismissing the applicable subject.


tl;dr version: The ability to grope and fuck everything in the room without having to worry about reach.


This is an awesome idea.