Secondary mouth function: sniffing and/or huffing

Pickled_Cow 4 years ago in Fetishes and Sex Toys updated by Wolfgang Doghouse 3 years ago 1

See below:

Press 2 or 3 during while using the mouth tool to sniff or huff selected body parts.

Pros: Can be used to add buffs to player's cum volume cum spurt strength and frequency, stamina, orgasm duration, reduce refractory duration, and increase subject anticipating.

Cons: Excessive huffing may cause player to pass out from lack of oxygen.

Note: Sniffing is just smelling a body part up close, while huffing is when you cup your hands around it or bury your muzzle in to a body part.


I see huffing as more of an exhalation similar to a sigh but under sexual arousal and stress. The kind of huffing you're talking about sounds like a drug thing like huffing paint thinner X3

But I certainly would love to have sniffing options and burying your muzzle into the subject's fur in the game.
Not sure about the pros and cons you suggested either though.