Rack Chairs should lower while pleasuring self.

Pickled_Cow 4 years ago in Fetishes and Sex Toys updated by Wolfgang Doghouse 3 years ago 3

The chairs should lower to or near the floor when during self pleasure.

For 2 reasons;

  1. So that the subject can see what you're doing, though this is superficial until voyeurism is coded.
  2. And right now, the only way to gave a subject a facial is to ride their dick while you have a dick of your own that's been customized to not veer off and point in the wrong direction.

Another idea: mount the rack chair with one hand on the riding bar and the other focusing on aiming.


Or add controls to manually adjust rack chairs height at any given time.


I could see applications of this idea manually. Like if you wanted to paw off onto the subject's face or something. I wouldn't want it to lower while pleasuring self unless I wanted it to. Currently, it's in good position to paw yourself and prompty penetrate the subject.